The Halloween Attraction that made Ten Thirty One Productions famous and convinced Mark Cuban to make the largest investment in SHARK TANK history returns for its second year with a brutal and haunting program that has tripled in growth, featuring THREE ZONES in 2016. After 8 years of sending Los Angelenos into the woods for the most horrifying experience in town, the Haunted Hayride has become the most popular Halloween Attraction in the county and now, in its second year in NYC, all the stops are being pulled as this year’s attraction offers a higher octane horror experience of psychopathic fun than our inaugural year delivered, since we think New Yorkers can take it. Psychotic clowns, viscous demons and killers will be waiting around every turn to ruin you.

Don’t miss what The Today Show, Bloomberg News, Fortune, Forbes , FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC, MTV, G4, E, Access Hollywood, Entrepreneur, The View and so many more have called “A HALLOWEEN ICON.”


A tractor-drawn hay wagon will slither its way through the enchanted Halloween world of ghostly apparitions, demonic possession, backwoods hillbilly country, slaying and flaying, a friendly neighborhood ice cream ripper, leviathan-sized monster lairs, a congregation of evil worship, and the nastiest mother trucking clowns you’ve ever met.  And you WILL meet… and so much more.  This year’s ride will be jam-packed with a robust experience of disturbia and terror-in-your-face, just the way we like it. Buckle up, put a piece of straw between your teeth and pray!


The legendary fan favorite and only true dark maze makes its debut at the New York Haunted Hayride for the first time.  You will be hurled into a sea of darkness with nothing but the hands in front of your face to find your way out.  Your only aid…a low voltage lantern that may just help the inhabitants of the darkness see you coming more than it helps you see them.  This space is populated by life that has been unexposed to light and has mutated to the darkness; their only source of fun is annihilating the naïve humans who walk into darkness for entertainment.  These are the most vicious, the most depraved and the ugliest.  Grab your lantern and come right in.


The magic of our haunted village is the antique, old world feeling it evokes upon witnessing the deep orange glow as you approach the ground, the smell of freshly cut hay that fills your nose buds, the touch of the fog on your skin as you walk through our gates.   Grab a sausage and popcorn and have a seat at the famous Theatre Macabre, debuting for the first time this year at New York Haunted Hayride.  Theatre Macabre will showcase iconic scenes from legendary horror films with one little twist….that audience members are the stars.  Think you have the acting chops to pull it off? Then raise your hand and get on stage.  Theatre Macabre has been all over the country and never disappoints.  Peruse the Bootique to do a little Halloween shopping, grab an apple cider or have a session with one of our supernatural psychics.  There is a world waiting for you that will make you feel like you just stepped into the old time of medicine men and freakish performers…which we also have in plenty, and so much more.  Welcome to Purgatory!