Safety Information

The Hayride is not recommended for children under 8 years of age. It is a high scare, high startle content experience. There will be no refunds after a ticket is purchased and a patron has entered the hayride.

The Hayride is not recommended for people with heart or back problems, pregnant women, people prone to seizures or anyone who has an affliction that is made worse by fear, anxiety or flashing lights. Also, this event is not recommended for anyone with health issues that can be made worse or aggravated by riding this ride and/or any other form of participation. Ride at your own risk.

DO NOT SMOKE OR LIGHT FIRE OF ANY KIND ON THE PREMISES, Large Fines will be issued to any persons caught smoking on the grounds of Randall’s Island Park.

There is no alcohol permitted anywhere on the property

Leave all metal objects in your car

Do not touch Oak Trees

Do not touch or aggravate any wildlife

Do not touch the actors

Stay in the wagon at all times

No Costumes allowed

NYHH IS FUR-FREE. We have enough blood and guts on the ride, please don’t wear fur.